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Care Tips

Does the fibre affect my ability to style my wig?

Styling Suggestions for Wigs

With synthetic wigs you are somewhat limited in style changes that you can make. The monofilament fibre of synthetic wigs has a tendency to retain its shape. Therefore you should consider that you are getting the basic shape and wave or curl pattern that you see in the display photo.

Most synthetic wigs are damaged by heat and must be cold rolled and styled using no heat, whatsoever. This is another reason synthetic wigs should be selected in a complimentary style. Beverly Johnson has developed FUTURA fibre wigs/hairpieces that can be styled using very low heat settings.

Human Hair wigs are more versatile in that both color and style can be changed by the customer.

Face shape can influence hairstyle.

Women’s wigs and men’s hairpieces are created with 10 to 30 percent more hair than necessary. A stylist (one who has experience with wigs) should cut and trim the hairpiece to match your features.

How do I best care for my new wig/hair extensions?

Caring for Wigs

Frequency of cleaning your wig or hairpiece will depend upon your individual circumstances – your environment and lifestyle. Generally speaking you should clean and condition your hairpiece every 8-12 times of use.

For synthetic hair wigs you should use only styling products (shampoo, conditioner, hair sprays) that are specifically designed for wigs.

Human hair wigs should also use special products because the hair has been processed; mild care products can increase the life of your wig investment.

Wigs should be cleaned in a basin of water (approximately 3/4 gallon) with one to one & one-half capfuls of shampoo. Soak and move the hairpiece through the water/shampoo for five minutes. Next, rinse in clear water in the same manner as above. Use at least two rinses – rinsing the wig completely, before you apply conditioner, is key.

Another capful of conditioner in a basin of water and move the wig back and forth for just a couple minutes – blot dry with a towel, shake, and leave on a wig stand or mannequin head to dry.

After your wig is dry, style as usual. For synthetic wigs this can be as simple as using your fingers or a wide tooth comb. Human hair wigs may require rollers or a curling iron. Use a wig hair spray to help hold the style

Over time synthetic wigs and (especially) human hair wigs can lose luster and begin to appear dull looking. This is because the wig lacks the natural oils that occur when hair is growing in your head. To remedy this problem use a silicone based lusterizer before you apply wig holding spray.

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