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Your ALL DAY Oily Skin Solution

If oily patches, enlarged pores and blackheads are skin concerns of yours, then the POND’S Lasting Oil Control range is perfect for you. These skin care products are carefully developed to address the specific face care needs of oily skin.
Unlike soap, the POND’S Lasting Oil Control cleanser contains unique cleansing agents to effectively wash away excess oil, removing dirt and impurities that cause spots and blemishes. Enriched with skin caring vitamins and micro absorbers, the POND’S Lasting Oil Control creams give you an instant matte look and provide longer lasting oil control to help prevent skin problems associated with oil build-up.
The result… an affordable, quality oily skin control range that leaves your skin feeling clean, clear and beautiful.

Perfectly even toned skin with a BEAUTIFUL GLOW

POND’S knows that today’s modern woman wants more than just even toned skin; she wants an even toned complexion with a beautiful glow – to show the world that she’s confidently beautiful and healthy too.
Trust POND’S Perfect Colour Complex – South Africa’s number one selling even tone cream. It’s designed to give you perfect colour skin, reduce your dark marks and help even your skin tone. This unique beauty cream is also an effective oily skin solution that will give you that perfect matte look. Use Perfect Colour Complex skin care products for the best results.
Trusted amongst African women to give you beautifully even toned skin with a matte finish.
Get Even Toned RADIANT SKIN in 7 days

Skin science knows that melanin, the dark particles produced naturally in the skin, influence skin darkening and are the cause of pigmentation (dark marks, uneven skin tone and blemishes) and spots, no matter what age you are.
At the POND’S Institute, we understand that each person’s skin is different; the secrets of which are encoded in your distinct genetic makeup. We believe that true beauty can only be unlocked by working with your unique skin.
Since melanin production is unique to each person, each precious drop of POND’S flawless
radiance™ with GenActiv™ COVER technology works with your genes to accelerate the fading of dark marks and blemishes to unlock radiant and even toned skin from the source in just seven days.
Our flawless radiance range of skin care products will give you the blemish free, even
tone skin you deserve. It is the perfect match for a more radiant you.
Look up to 10 years younger with our anti-ageing skincare

African skin ages differently. Because of this we often miss the first signs of ageing which includes skin dullness, dryness, pigmentation and fine lines. Every woman wants to look and feel beautiful, and youthful looking skin makes you feel just that. POND’S has invested years of research to better understand the mechanisms of skin renewal and ageing at a cellular level.
The result is a revolutionary breakthrough in anti-ageing – Intelligent Pro-Cell Complex™. A potent system of 6 Bio-Actives that work in combination with each other and with the natural processes of your skin to deliver three times more skin renewal power*. This is what makes it possible for you to turn back the clock and look up to 10 years younger.
The age miracle skin care range is made up of essential anti-ageing creams that will give your skin a glowing, more youthful look and feel. Isn’t that the miracle that you’ve been waiting for?
Recapture the radiance of your youth as your skin’s luminosity is reinvigorated and revitalised.

As skin cells age, they weaken and their vital inner-energy is exhausted. As a result, the signs of ageing – such as skin dullness, dryness, pigmentation and fine lines appear. POND’S gold radianceTM is the ultimate luxury in anti-ageing. The concentrated formula combines some of the world’s leading anti-ageing ingredients with absolute skin care luxury – real gold microparticles to re-energise the lost radiance of ageing skin cells.


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